How to NOT be bored during class.

We’ve all been there , time doesn’t seem to be moving and your brain can’t process all the words your teacher is saying.So you either daydream or watch the clock until the end of the class (this is a smart thing to do I HIGHLY recommend this). So I came up with 10 ways on how to not be bored during class.

1. Try not to cry at the fact that you’re probably never going to pass this class and try to approach this subject with bright positivity!!!

2. This one is for you and your friend(s): Write down 10 of your classmate’s names on a piece of paper. If one of the names on your paper gets mentioned by the teacher you cross it of your list. The first one to have all the name crossed off wins.

3. Watch one of your classmates intensely. You’ll be surprised to know what people do when they think no one’s watching.

4.┬áStart having fights with yourself out loud over which one of your personalities is better. Start to cry and say “I love you both why can’t we all just get along”,and if you’re really insane have your personalities hug and make up. Then have all of your personalities gather round to sing kumbya my lord ( I suggest you do this if you have no problem with people thinking that you’re insane).

5. Try to prevent your teacher from giving homework at theend of the class (be creative). Lees de rest van dit artikel »